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About the product

Supervisor is a web application for monitoring online exams, testing or certification carried out from home. 

Who can use Supervisor 

  • education companies
  • certification organisations
  • universities
  • schools
  • companies

How you can use Supervisor

  • graduation exam
  • state examination
  • certification
  • testing by the law


Supervisor is approved by the National Bank of Slovakia to perform online exams from home for financial agents of these institutions:

Institute of Banking Education of the National Bank of Slovakia

The Association of Financial Agents and Advisers

Slovak Insurance Association


Managing exam events

Managing students

Archiving records

How Supervisor works

1 Exam events

You create an exam event (date, time). 

2 Sending invitations

You send an invitation email to the exam participants.


3 Turning on cameras

The participant of the exam turns on face camera, screen capturing and the external camera.

4 Exam monitoring

You can see live what the participant is doing during the exam.

Technical equipment

Web browser

Updated web browser. We recommend to use Google Chrome.

Face camera / External camera

2 cameras. Face camera + external camera (USB camera or a mobile phone)

The internet connection

Stable internet connection.


The price is without VAT.

Supervisor START package

For individual needs, do not hesitate to contact us.




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Helpdesk: +421 905 754 633

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